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"Don’t Scream" — Officially on the Under Armour Ultimate Intern Team as Social Media Specialist!


One of the first things Kevin said to me when he called was,

“Well, don’t scream…”

Good thing he said that too or I think I would have pierced the ears of all the people around me. 

I’m seriously still in a daze from all of this. I’m officially part of the Under Armour Ultimate Intern Team! BALTIMORE BOUND!!!!

I was literally shaking with that phone call. I’m pretty sure I was freaking out, had my heart pounding, had that weird nervous laugh going on, and was jumbling my words. But hey, I didn’t scream! 

I’m beyond excited and I wish someone had recorded my reaction because I would be a YouTube sensation (haha just kidding). I’m really pumped to work with the rest of the team this summer and excited to be out on the East Coast. And I’m so ready to represent the University of Michigan as well.

I feel like this last month and a half have been just a crazy roller coaster. I’ve gone from panicking in Orlando because I didn’t have any internet access and my phone (bless that little BlackBerry who has gone through so much) battery was exhausted every day through my constant refreshing, to laughing at some of my friends who struggled so hard to do Cam Newton’s celebratory move, to having to decline an offer somewhere else without even knowing where I stood in this competition because I wanted this more than anything.

But you know what? You have to take a risk. Regardless of if I had gotten this or not, I would have known that I had made the right decision. Because you never ever know what will happen unless you go for it. And I’m so happy I did.

I want to thank so many people as well. And so bear with me but I think this is completely worth it. Read on.

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Congrats Maggie, you deserve it! I sincerely mean that, you are going to do great things!

Closing Thoughts: Humble and Hungry

The past few weeks have been hectic, constantly updating my Facebook, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts.  I have spent countless hours working on this competition.  Working, going to class, working out, and maintaining a consistent quality blog is not an easy task.  I have stayed up late and gotten up early all for one goal… to be the ULTIMATE INTERN.  My passion for Under Armour is second to none.  I eat, sleep, and breathe Under Armour.  My friends at school call me Mr. Under Armour because UA is all I wear and all that I ever talk about.  I want this internship more than anything I have ever wanted in my entire life, bar none. 

My drive is also second to none.  I have never given up on something that I have wanted, period.  I am an extremely motivated person.  Competition drives me to be better.  I embrace competition; I do not shy away from it.  I believe that in order to achieve something you want, you don’t deserve it unless you put everything you have into it.  I have done this.  My goal in this competition was not to make it to the semi-finals, not to be a finalist, and not even second place.  My goal is to win, period. 

My Facebook Fan Page now has 520 likes, 3338 page views, and 193 people talking about it.  When I first made the fan page I expected maybe 200 likes maybe 250 and I would have been happy with that.  My friends and family went above and beyond all my expectations because they truly know how badly I want this internship.  They know how deep my passion is for Under Armour.  

I truly am humbled by this entire experience.  I never expected to have this much of a reaction to my fan page and twitter.  I realized a have a lot of great people in my life starting with my parents.  They support me in everything that I do and that was no exception in this competition.  They raised me with the attitude to give it your best effort no matter what and I apply that attitude to everything I do, whether it is sports, school, work, or this competition I always put my best foot forward. 

My friends, family, friends of friends and people I do not even know have been spreading my fan page around the internet.  People have gone out of their way and taken time out of their busy schedule to like and share my page with the world.  I have nothing but amazing things to say about my family and friends because without them I would not be here.  Their likes and comments have motivated me even more to put everything I have into this entire competition. 

Friday could be life changing for me.  Becoming a finalist and finally being able to be face to face (virtually) with the Under Armour staff will give me the opportunity to demonstrate through speech my passion, drive, knowledge, motivation, competitiveness, intelligence, humbleness, and hungriness for this internship.  If given the opportunity I guarantee I will not disappoint.  I have the skills, compassion, and drive to become a successful leader, competitor, and intern for Under Armour.  As, you probably know from my other posts, I currently work for the Under Armour outlet in Pleasant Prairie, WI.  I have worked there for a little over a year now and I want to turn my passion for Under Armour into a career and this internship can bring me another step closer to my goal of landing a job with corporate Under Armour!

My goals for this internship are simple but tremendous at the same time.  First of all, I want to help the company grow.  As a Social Media Specialist I will use Facebook, twitter, and other social networking sites to help spread the knowledge of the company to the world.  I will do this by targeting specific audiences. 

Another goal of mine is to better my knowledge of the marketing side of the business.  I’m a marketing major but actually getting hands on work in the field will give me priceless experience that I can take with me the rest of my life. 

All in all, regardless of the outcome of this competition, I have become a better person from it.  People I haven’t talked to in years have liked and wrote on my wall.  I have learned that I have a lot of great friends that have some high thoughts and expectations of me.  I think I need to start to try harder to live up to those expectations a little more.  I had no idea so many people looked up to me.  I am humbled by all of the sincere and amazing comments from all of my friends and family.  I cannot thank them enough for their commitment to me.  I don’t know what I would do without them.  Even if I do not win the Ultimate Intern competition at least I can take this experience with me and know that I have a whole world of friends and family who have my back.  After all this being said, I think I am a great candidate for the finals because of my work ethic, passion, knowledge, experience, and drive.  I have put my best foot forward.  I have done everything within my power to try and impress the Under Armour staff.  I WILL PROTECT THIS HOUSE!!!  GOD BLESS, EVERYONE AND GOODLUCK!!!

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